With our multiple embroidery head machines, Middlemiss Embroidery can embroider your design or logo.

Embroidery - What We Offer

Our multiple embroidery head machines can embroider any design or logo required.
  • Our ever growing facility now hosts seven multi head and 2 single HAPPY embroidery machines
  • We can embroider onto almost any material and garment from polo shirts and caps to golf bags, high visibility clothing, ribbons and horse blankets.

Middlemiss Embroidery can supply a wide selection of garments and products for your, or are equally happy to embroider your own goods.

Our Order Process

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We Create Proof

You Approve

We Print/ Embroider

We Deliver

You Enjoy!

Submitting Your Artwork

Our dedicated team of talented designers and production staff will look after you throughout the order process, ensuring you bet the best quality finish, as well as fantastic value.

  • All we need is an image of the design/logo you want printed and we can add it to any piece of apparel.
  • Using the latest software, we can work to develop customer’s own designs and ideas, to give them the perfect result.
  • Artwork can be submitted by email or disc, preferably as Vector Art (AI, PDF or EPS) generated in programs such as Illustrator, although we can work with most formats.
  • We can also supply logo design where required.