Delivery & Returns Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure

Customer service, reputation management and complaint resolution are paramount to the ongoing success of our business.


Our customer complaint policy and procedure are as follows:


  1. Each customer complaint (when received) is given a customer complaint number and logged on our CRM software (we are currently using Hubspot CRM).


  1. An acknowledgement email is sent to the complainant acknowledging receipt of their complaint with an initial apology that a) we are sorry that the situation has arisen and b) what the next steps are. Please note: we will not accept liability until a full investigation has taken place. This first email is actioned immediately or within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint.


  1. A member of staff is appointed to investigate the complaint over a 48 hour period.


  1. The findings and suggested corrective action is passed to our Manager Director for review and approval.


  1. A resolution email (and/or telephone call) is then actioned to remedy the complaint, assuming the complaint is justified. This is generally actioned within 72 hours from receipt of complaint.


  1. Once the proposed remedy/resolution is agreed with the complainant, the complaint is then logged closed off on our CRM.


  1. Our complaints log is reviewed on a quarterly basis and any necessary learning or actions added to our service and quality process improvement plan.


Note: we receive less than 1% of customer complaints on average per annum.

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